Actor Matthew McConaughey on Tuesday criticized lawmakers’ inaction on gun reform within the U.S. simply two weeks after the mass taking pictures at a college in Uvalde, Texas — his hometown.

“Can either side rise above, can either side see past the political downside at hand and admit that we now have a life preservation downside on our fingers,” he mentioned passionately. “We now have an opportunity proper now to achieve for an to understand the next floor above our political affiliations.”

McConaughey made the feedback throughout a White Home press briefing, forward of the common information convention with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

He mentioned it was not a partisan subject, and referred to as on lawmakers to make “the precise decisions on the problem that’s in entrance of us right now.” He mentioned the nation wants accountable gun possession and background checks, the elevating of the minimal age to buy sure weapons to 21, pink flag legal guidelines and penalties to those that abuse them. However McConaughey additionally pressured politicians can move these legal guidelines with out “infringing” on Second Modification rights.

Following McConaughey’s look, Jean-Pierre additionally spoke on President Joe Biden’s involvement on gun reform and mentioned he was “optimistic” about negotiations going down between lawmakers on either side on motion relating to gun reform.

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Comments 49

  1. KnowComment says:

    Hey America, you got sensible gun laws?
    Republicans: Hahaha! No
    Mathew McConaughey: be a lot cooler if you did…

  2. Bobs Harley says:

    After seeing multiple forced adds throughout this video, I've decided to never give youtube another penny.. Any company who seeks to profit off this should be ashamed.

  3. Stop putting actors up to do political propaganda news

  4. McConaughey grew up in Uvalde. He spent the past week talking with the families who suffered this unimaginable loss, hearing their stories and their desire that their loved ones' deaths should mean something. Yes, he's an actor, meaning he's trained to find the words to convey what that loss really means. No one is more qualified to speak on those families' behalf than Matthew McConaughey.

  5. Hollywood should stay out of Government, they have their own problems.

  6. GoodSteve123 says:

    The answer, clearly, is to disarm the public and let the police run in and save us… oh, wait.

  7. What movie is this from?

  8. Randy Noble says:

    He is looking for publicity since he is unemployed I bet you tomorrow Biden will have forgotten that he talked to him

  9. K S says:

    If laws say raise limit until 21 then you need to prevent joining the military and free education and health care until 21 as well as no taxes on earned income until 21. Don't take away rights without giving rights too.

  10. thecr500 says:

    Lmao shut up

  11. Ellie says:

    Apparently there are no obituaries for the victims. The world is a stage, wink wink.

  12. CJ S3LL3RS says:

    A Hollywood actor who has a guarded fence and body guards to protect him every second shouldn't be talking about "gun control. "

    This is a mental health issue. People choose to get a gun and shoot up a school for the hell of it. But sure continue to blame Trump and one party because that's an easy scapegoat.


  14. Chris Torres says:

    I will paint their house.

  15. I find it hard to believe that gun owners want more gun restrictions when we have 20,000+ gun laws that have backfired instead of the real issue.
    It was an interesting 180 degree turn from being pro 2A to wanting more government control that hasn't worked and will not work.

  16. George Stem says:

    Standing on the graves of dead children

  17. Stella View says:

    Take the MONEY out of Politics- let the TRUE LEADERS emerge bc THEY want to dedicate themselves to serving for the good of the people!

  18. Brian Kruger says:

    What a nut job actor.

  19. I don’t see why officers at schools are not mandatory!! There at hospitals and there are more shootings at schools!! Helpless kids!!! We need actual cops at the schools doing rounds walking the property and protecting our kids! This is heartbreaking and sad! No child should go to school thinking there safe and have this happen to them. NO CHILD!!! 💔💔💔 RIP to all who went threw the unthinkable the poor babies who wore there favorites shoes and just wanted to go home to mommy and daddy at the end of the day. We are all hurting … 🥺😭🥺

  20. Noel Becker says:

    Why does any civilian need an AR 15?

  21. Alright, alright alright.. Wait! No it's not alright!!!

  22. GDB Riot says:

    This was super cringy. That smirk was beyond insulting.

  23. Tougher gun laws won't fix anything………..that's like 20% of the problem. You also can't pre-emptively report someone for having "mental issues" and demand he gets mental help because "he might shoot people one day". You can talk about mental health all you want, but we cant make changes that way. You can't infringe on someone's rights BEFORE they commit a crime, and you don't know how evil someone is capable of being until AFTER they do the crime. By then "mental health" is too late. I'll tell you what 80% of the problem is……….you ready? Pay attention……..

    Here it is………………………….P A R E N T I N G. If you have crappy parents, then they raise crappy kids. If the tree is horrible, it's going to produce rancid fruit. Uvalde incident, that shooter had a criminal dad and a neglectful partially abusive mom.

    EVERYTHING…..GOOD OR BAD……STARTS AT HOME. Fix the foundation of our society, THE HOME………….PARENTING…………and you will fix gun crimes, racism, robberies, ALL kinds of problems will be cured if we didn't have CRAP adults raising CRAP kids…………../micdrop

  24. snoozy04 says:

    Republicans = If there's a problem, don't fix it.

  25. Gary Roberts says:

    Wonder who wrote his script? The president/Vice deemed to incompetent by the 3 letter organizations controlled by the Clinton coalition so the dems had to get a stand in mouth for the “elected” president.

  26. I doubt the president actually spoke

  27. Hey Matt, 1. I have several friends & family members who have owned guns for decades. They are ALL responsible. 2. We already have background checks in every state. 3. Age 21 for an AR-rifle? Wouldn't your responsible & thorough background check address this for any age? 4. Please define "red-flag" laws. If a neighbor gets upset with someone, that person could complain to authorities & they would have the right to confiscate that person's firearms when they did NOTHING WRONG? 5. Why not talk about the fraud, waist & abuse of the current Biden admin in reference to the BILLIONS of dollars appropriated for "Ukraine" ? Biden's admin is willing to spend BILLIONS to protect Ukraine, but not one dime to protect our children. WHY? Maybe this should be part of your rant. Finally, I encourage you to dig deep into the real investigation of the Uvalde shooting. Tons of information surfacing that clearly points to something you are deeply familiar with.

  28. "Were you grand standing just now sir?"…

  29. Shari Folsom says:

    Why does she keep turning in her book is each question is received

  30. Nothing will change…

  31. jeremy koop says:

    Honestly that dude is on drugs

  32. jeremy koop says:

    Probably Coke

  33. jeremy koop says:

    He's so messed up

  34. Get rid of gun free zones

  35. Moose Racks says:

    Anarchy will soon rise….

  36. 68,900 kids died last year from drug run over the border where’s the outrage? 68 thousand let that sink in

  37. This people are delusional to where there standing!

  38. Q Na says:

    democrats and liberals have been staging shootings, with complicit fbi and rcmp/local police who facilitate the shootings, in order to produce a response and reason to take away freedoms from law abiding innocent citizenry

    its an old tactic to bomb your own people to gain support for your devious political goals

    people need to wake up

  39. Wow! I was so touch by this & sent it to all the people I know.

  40. WideAwake says:

    No mediocre crisis actors were available so we got a has-been mediocre actor to read the script.

  41. cas48spyder says:

    There is no reason for anyone to have a weapon that can kill so fast and so much, that gun is designed to kill people as it will be fired back at them. No bear or large animal, would need anything like that to put them down if you hunt. As the hunters, what they use, because a weapon of that power would ruin the meat of the animal they kill. Why can't we be like other countries that don't have these problems? We can find an American solution and still keep our rights, we don't have the French and English fighting us for this land. Change must happen period.

  42. Why are Americans just now being concerned about the World Health Organization taking Sovereignty from the U.S.

    PROBLEM #1) In 1992, THE Walter's and Mc Carren Act was repealed, which made it Legal for Muslims to live in the United States.

    Now there have been 3500 Americans directly killed by Muslims , and there are 3500 Mosques built in 50 states.

    PROBLEM #2) Your congress for 25 years has been sending your Tax dollars to foreign countries, in the Billions to people who do not work, do not pay taxes, and are not citizens.

    Problem #3) The United States President has stopped the Wall from being built.

    PROBLEM #4) Representatives when Trump was President did not provide money to build a Wall, they voted against the Wall funding.

    Problem 5) Today the President does not send the National Guard to the border.

    PROBLEM #6) 11 State Governors are derelict in their sworn legal duty to dand every illegal alien to be detained and deported. That is called an Oath violation by each Governor.

    Problem #7) The President without a Congressional vote sent 40,000 Army personnel not to the Texas, California and Arizona border, but to Poland.

    Problem #8) Senators and Representatives from so called Sanctuary states are complicit with the Governors crime of oath violation, violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding, and Abetting illegal aliens in their Jurisdiction and Violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution.

    Problem #9) The is no plan by the United States Government to detain 10 million illegal aliens and 8 million Muslims.

    Problem #10) 2500 Americans are directly killed by undetained and not deported illegal aliens each year for last 25 years.

    PROBLEM #11) The President, Representatives, Senators, Governors are each violating their oaths, each are derelict in their sworn legal duties, each are breaching their sworn legal duty, and each are complicit with every crime committed by an illegal alien who should have been detained and deported but were not.

    Why aren't Americans concerned about oath violators, illegal foreign aid, Americans being sent to Poland illegally, 10 million illegal aliens not detained and not deported, 8 million Muslims, not detained and not deported?

    The President is violating his oath today.

    Representatives are violating their oaths today.

    Senators are violating their oaths today.

    Attorney General is violating his oath today.

    The U.S. Army is not protecting Americans from an invasion.

    The National Guard is not guarding the Nation.

    Homeland Security is bussing in and flying in Thousands of illegal aliens to 20 plus states.


    PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES C.E.O'S COMMITTED MASS MURDER, medical fraud on millions of Americans, they are not indicted!

    The Constitution is mandatory law.

    No one is above the law.

    When the Judiciary Committee identifies Individuals who do not follow the Constitution and do not follow the law, why are those individuals not immediately indicted, arrested and prosecuted?

    Americans are being led by oath violators, who send Americans to foreign countries with out Congressional Vote, send tax payers money to foreign countries, do not send the National Guard to the border, give illegal aliens American Taxes, to buy food and hotel stays.

    What is dereliction of duty For 100 Alex Trebek.

    What is Oath violation for 200 Alex Trebek.

    What is misappropriation of Tax dollars for 300, Alex Trebek!

    What is Treason for 400, Alex Trebek!

    The W. H. O. Is not a problem, it is 1 President, 450 Representatives, 100 Senators, 11 Governors, 1 Attorney General each committing oath violations.

    Wake the he'll up, We're burning daylight, Get to work Americans.

    I remember, Eisenhower, Patton, Grant, Sherman,, Lafayette, Gettysburg, Tarawa, Okinawa, Normandy, Utah and Sword Beach landings, Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, Laytee Gulf, Lexington and Concord on the Green, Kathrine Steinle and Molly Tidbits.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

    April 19th 1775. REMEMBER AMERICANS. 5:00 A.M.

  43. This man is at the WHITE HOUSE!!!! He is really trying to do something. Its not like he is singing to us, or having a telethon to stay relevant. Good for you Matthew.

  44. theguess7 says:

    Take it from a Canadian when I say Gun control will do you no good. The last 3 Canadian Mass murders events I can think of would not have been stopped by any form of gun control. You Americans need your guns. Mark my words, its the only defense you have against a technologically enabled dystopian hell.

  45. Interesting new development. My theory for the security,prosperity and insuring of liberty for the ''' Collective Of North American Civilization'' best at this Point In Time.
    Good News is that Eye Love You. Calling for an immediate ceasefire !

    That stated, read the following thrice carefully and and please only discerning, wise and questioning persons respond : Back in October 2019, as a World Peace Advocate, Independent Student Scholar of History, Geopolitics, Wars & Civilizations and Independent Security Analyst and Theorist HAD concluded that we ( North America, NATO member countries and THE WEST) are on a path towards WW3 due to the US-CHINA TRADE WAR begun by the Trump Administration back in early 2018, The Arrest of the CFO of Huawei Meng Whenzou by the RCMP in Canada in order to honor an extradition treaty with the USA, other geopolitical events, & the historical event known as Pearl Harbor. Concluding as an Independent Thinker, Analyst and Philosopher that we ( Humanity ) are on a Path Towards WW3 HAD created, designed & made a New Training Program produced to go hand in hand with a WW3 scenario. Thus, October 17 2019 HAD performed the 1st session of the General War Integrated Total Body Training System aka The 300 Workout integrated & in parallel to a near future timeline witch was the WW3 scenario. 93 Days later, the COVID 19 Crisis Began ! In parallel to my WW3 scenario witch is caused by a Stock Market Crash witch consequently triggers a Global Financial Collapse the Coronavirus began. Not sure what caused Covid believe it was snakes but cannot rule out another possibility. What do know is my scenario HAD a solution the creation of a New Institution : The International Citizen Integrated Social Security Force aka The Dragon Army witch am calling for the creation. Tell the Leaders of the Free World Dragon Zero's Message : Drop Down and give Dragon 13 pushups with Love & For The Sake of World Peace.

    What say ye ? Will you join the Dancing Goddess & Dragon Kingdom for World Peace ? Can u support, volunteer, bless & love Adrian Hannah Dragon's World Peace Work ?

  46. Marc Anthony says:

    Great men do not lack empathy. They lead with it.