Mariupol has been lowered to a small garrison in a metal plant and the demise toll is unknown. Information suggests 45% of Mariupol’s built-up space was broken and lots of of 1000’s are nonetheless trapped in Mariupol. For extra perspective on this, we’re joined by Fred Weir – Russian Affairs Professional

#Russia #Ukraine #Mariupol

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Comments 48

  1. What Ukrainians waiting? They should make plan to liberate their states.

  2. Jolo Torres says:

    The girls that are men haters are like the pherisses

  3. Jolo Torres says:

    I honestly didn't have an idea that there were girls that hate men that much

  4. Jolo Torres says:

    I will pray for you .

  5. Jolo Torres says:

    I really honestly will pray for you

  6. Zammy says:

    so many orcs in the comments.

  7. Jolo Torres says:

    And seance I'm going to beat you to the lord .I will have a picher of water waiting for you girls

  8. Jolo Torres says:

    Your lucky my gril from Sweden isn't around she's 6 ft or my Canadian girl she's 6ft 2 in

  9. Jolo Torres says:

    My Canadian girl she was a biker

  10. Jolo Torres says:

    I told her about god

  11. Jolo Torres says:

    My girl from England she's to soft

  12. Jolo Torres says:

    The Canadian that's who you have to worry about she could kick some guys ass

  13. Jolo Torres says:

    But I still love all three the same and I miss them and the others to

  14. Michael P says:

    US love wars. Great money maker for the MIC and politicans.

  15. Jolo Torres says:

    This government is bull shit it let's it's agents get away with murder literally.did you know that they claim they could kill us just because they feel threatened by us

  16. Jolo Torres says:

    They don't get charged for there crimes but there quick to come and kick our doors down if we brake the law .and there do as I say not as I do or will kill you .

  17. Jolo Torres says:

    I know I didn't believe it eather but it's true .I'm sorry

  18. Jolo Torres says:

    Wonder what the president is going to do when he finds out these agents have more power than he dose

  19. Jolo Torres says:

    I'm on the presidents side

  20. Jolo Torres says:

    These basterds discriminate on me Mr president

  21. Jolo Torres says:

    Please order an investigation mr.president .I'm a patriot ready to give my life for the nation just give the word ser.

  22. NOW , the people of Kiev are saying that strangers are going to go for killing civilians . They are afraid.

  23. Jolo Torres says:

    This is a long shot but God is with me .Mr president I know your busy when you get a chance please read about my situation.i have been frame because there prejudice against me.there trying to kill me .they deny it .but it's true .pease order an investigation

  24. Reio Flink says:

    Nato is responsible , ewery body know that but can not see , now ?

  25. Jolo Torres says:

    Please Mr president these agents are crooket and there a threat to the population .people's life's are in danger as long as these agents are allowed to continue the crime spree

  26. Why meet with Nato. They are ones who have created this war, by arming all Nato countries with long range missiles, forcing Russia into a defensive position. There is blood on Nato hands here.

  27. A comedian cannot be a great politician. now ucranian giving price for their wrong decision. Beside America doing their arm business. what a funny.

  28. God bless Ukraine

  29. History will remember and Ukrainians will know that the west sacrificed them as a pawns to test and weaken Russian military capacity. They must know that their sacrifice and suffering today will save countless NATO soldiers in the future. American empire which does not give a f**k about ordinary Ukrainians is grateful for your service.

  30. Shadow says:

    I am god and I came to tell you that all this is created by your mind in a dream

    Soon you will wake up and it’s all over like it never happened

  31. BM Macoh says:

    It would have been easier to negotiate than waste time preparing Molotov Cocktails and barriers which I haven't seen in action.

  32. Ukraine should be now intigral part of Russia and not a puppet country of USA and NATO

  33. Allan Ang says:

    Like it or not,Russia is winning.Ekraine is fighting a hopeless war due to the West instigation that Ekraine could win.

  34. social media says:

    It is honorable to die defending your country and your family future than to die from a bar brawls

  35. Heavy investment on Zelensky to be president by Uncle Sammy.

  36. Don't you mean "8 year war"?

  37. If the war is in Africa continent is good and justified by nato, why they have to destroy Libya and kill millions of citizens, if it's in far east, Asia, they are terrorists and they have weapons of mass destruction.
    When war comes to Europe, putin has no right to invade Ukraine.
    Double standard by west, are they trying to tell us that Africans, far east and Asians deserve to die.

  38. As long zelensky as president of Ukraine no hope to Ukraine. Zelensky is the agony of Ukrainians…..

  39. Corona Lüge says:

    Now you see, what NATO has provoked.

  40. zain gazi says:

    Zelensky isn't laughing now.

  41. Leyla T says:

    Why India showing only Russian side what they doing ??? Is there something you like aggression ??? Natzim????

  42. Leyla T says:

    Why India showing only russian troops is there something that you like aggression

  43. Who cares if Ukrainians are suffering tho?

  44. Asit Debnath says:

    Ukraine tried very hard to seperate Kashmir from India although they have absolutely no relation to it. So, they got what they deserved. Basically, Russia fighting India's war.

  45. K KK says:

    Russia does not wage war with Ukraine, conducts with Anglo-Saxon colonialism. You can divide your countries how many times you want, but USSR leave alone, USSR will find the solution somehow without you, this our internal affair.

  46. Their war style is siege that is why they use missile & shelling. The way to break it is to drop troops at their back and move backwards

  47. White Belt says:

    This War can end if the US administration comes to it's senses.

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