The barrage of shelling and airstrikes proceed in Ukraine solely this time it’s concentrated within the nation’s east. Ukraine has stated that the brand new assault has resulted within the seize of one other of its city.

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Comments 50

  1. LC KEE says:

    To Tanya. The NYT already confirmed with video evidence that the atrocities were committed by Ukrainian soldiers.

  2. Carl Ruffier says:

    The people of Ukraine look like they needed rescued long before Russia got there. Nobody gets it that is exactly what Russia wants it seems to be a surprised that they want western thinking Ukrainians gone.

  3. I had to stop the video. I can't deal with that sort of "journalism". WION typically does a great jon of reporting. I guess it's fair for them to interview people like this "journalist", but it's useless in terms of obtaining any factual data.

  4. Rey Ceballos says:

    Go russia, show no mercy, pulverize them

  5. Kate says:

    Where is that reporter now?

  6. As long as zelensky continue receiving weapons, I do not the this war would end. I fell sad for Ukrainian who has zelensky as their leader

  7. Ukrainian soldiers have taken hostage thousands of civilians in marioupol to use them as human shield. Why not wion show that. Russia is telling for surrender for days but azov brutal battalion is not let out civilians.

  8. What of the Right Sector and the SS Galizien? Where are the Israeli Nazi hunters?

  9. It seems, Wion is completely changed and now become western and NATO puppet since the youtube banned wion few days back. Only one side of the story.

  10. Patrick Lancaster is better than this channel when it come to unbiased news

  11. N V Kotian says:

    As long as Zelenski's day dreaming of subduing Russia continues, Ukraine will continue to suffer until Zelenski's egotistical attitude completely finished. He almost finished Ukraine and its people just to satisfy his ego and just to fill the stomach of America and Western countries.

  12. iWatch Yutub says:

    again that muppet who doesn't know what the heck she is talking about? stop calling her an investigative journalist…she's mo like a brick shitter

  13. Gerard G says:

    Putin should be arrested during his next visit to a country other than Russia. His family should be put in prison, and should lose their citizenships acquired in other countries and must pay illegally.

  14. Capture complete Ukraine! If required nuke the place so it serves as buffer zone

  15. Russia Rule's Biden Loser GOOD LOL 😀😄☺🎆 reporting from Zimbabwe and the good old USA😍😍😍

  16. Owhh come on Tanya, how could you personally know of Russian brutality in Bucha. You just picked up those Pro War journalist comments and videos. You are not on the ground to see for youself. Just tell us what do make up if Russians left on 19th March 2022 but the scene from evil correspondent on 4 April 2022 shows civilian dead bodies are fresh and not Bloating as it should be. Some bodies are still with blood flowing. Please explain that.

  17. Peter S says:

    No one wants to live under Putin occupation.

  18. What this comedian is doing wants the Russian to kill all his soldiers and after sing for what .

  19. Dear President of Ukraine,

    Who drove you to resist Russia? Was it USA?! Can you see amount of lives lost, great sadness, refugee crisis, destruction and mental health issues that everyone facing because of your decision for your own political gain on the name of sovereignty, freedom, and democracy?! Sovereignty, freedom, and democracy do not exist in real world. These fancy words are only for text books and media. We are all slaves to the capitalism and market economy. If I were President of Ukraine, I would have said to Russia that ok, I will resign my position and you can come with with your war machines and troops but please do not fire single shot, our people will talk to you for a solution. Russia would not have fired a single shot if you have resigned and decided not to resist Russia. I blame all Presidents and Prime Ministers for all lives lost and great sadness on both sides! I blame all Presidents and Prime Ministers for all destructions, which will cost $2 to $3 trillions dollars to rebuild Ukraine! And, you will never going to bring back people who died and injured so far! USA has a history of letting down countries, and other countries follow USA with a "YES MAN" Ukraine is now being listed under "Let Down Countries by USA" USA is the only winner from this war. Rest of the countries are all losers! Shame on you politicians!

  20. android858 says:

    Нет доказательств вины России в Буче и Ирпене. Независимые расследования не проводятся. Результатов судебно-медицинской экспертизы нет. По поводу мариуполя. Солдаты Украины создают боевые позиции в школах, детских садах и больницах, выламывают хрупкие деревянные двери в домах и стреляют из окон по военным России. Жители Мариуполя и других городов рады оказаться рядом с русскими солдатами, об этом они лично говорят. Таких видео роликов сотни. P.S. Я не бот, пишу по проще чтобы автоматический перевод нормально перевёл на английский.

  21. Racist Ukrainian people who believed that they are superior to Russians people across the region should stand and fight alongside their criminal alliance in Europe.

  22. maruf Ahned says:

    All this destruction would of not happened if Europe never used Ukraine to fight their dirty War… Now Ukraine has been flattened who's laughing know Europe haha..
    Always remember when you have special operation ongoing you are excepted casualties that not coming from my mouth it's quoted by George Bush..

  23. my videos says:

    See Patrick Lancaster independent journalist talking to civilians and helping them as much as he can. This is a way to see truth and not mainstream narratives that arequestionable.

  24. 3:01 The journalist speaks about the Russians "being in" two places "in the Kiev region". How we've all seen the photos. This doesn't make sense to me, as the Russians have not reached Kiev.

    Does anyone have links to the images she's speaking of or more information? Place names were not in the transcript.

  25. Hope a proper plan is in place to wipe out UKRANIAN Nazis in the east👍🏻

  26. Tanks Makau says:

    Russia 🇷🇺 should level down Ukraine and turn it into farm lands for wheat. The world needs wheat

  27. freevoice says:

    azov the descendants of an old fierce cossack warriors..

  28. Deapthought says:

    Dunbas was promised self government in 2014. Zelensky was elected president in 2019 after running on a campaign promising to negotiate peace with Russia

  29. Ukraine people get ready to die. This is a Joker s last show.

  30. Take a fool as a president. Different problems and results

  31. Zelensky showing the Ukraine people way to grave

  32. The main responsibility of the president is saving lives of the country. Zelensky failed to do it

  33. All that loosing can be getting back. But unfortunately the lives lost . Who can recover

  34. Zelenskys fooliness lead the Ukraine to hell

  35. sophie janer says:

    The English accent is difficult to understand!

  36. Well Done 👍 great News Chanel

  37. Omer Jibril says:

    Sometime if you're surrendering not shame
    Important is safe life

  38. Bob Tallo says:

    ZELENSKY is to be blamed for entire losses of lives and property of UKRAINE.

  39. Imagine jokers President say will fight for 10 years

  40. Uton Johnson says:

    Ukraine has been very cruel to the Russians living in these areas too tit for tot nothing is not wrong with that

  41. Edsel Hart says:

    I love this don't stop bombing them Russia iam whit you

  42. Desmond Ho says:

    If the Minsk agreement were adhered to and implemented and Ukraine stay neutral, not apply to join NATO. THIS war wouldn't have started. For eight (8) years, since 2014 Donbass have been bombarded, 14000 death. But where the USA and Western countries and NATO, have they condemn the Ukraine Azov battalion for the killings and human rights violation. Where is human rights watch?

  43. Well done Russia

  44. Wion is the official Western MSM a** licking network.