A Chinese language assault on Taiwan is just not imminent, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Workers Normal Mark Milley has mentioned, however the US is watching “very intently”.

China is clearly creating the potential to assault in some unspecified time in the future, however deciding to take action can be a political selection, Genral Milley advised the BBC.

China says Taiwan is a breakaway province that should be re-unified with the mainland, by pressure if vital.

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  1. Afiq Amran says:

    'general' milley looks like a serious younger version of colonel sanders.

  2. Farhan Ullah says:

    Good china very happy im

  3. Why US has big worries about china even do their american life could not solve there problem..hahaha.
    Please stop doing caring other nations. Taiwan knows that…

  4. D H says:

    It's not really like China wouldn't have just cause. Aren't there US bases all over the South China sea???

  5. Dalvinn Kho says:

    The First Sino-Japanese War (25 July 1894 – 17 April 1895) was a conflict between the Qing dynasty of China and the Empire of Japan primarily over influence in Joseon Korea.citation needed] After more than six months of unbroken successes by Japanese land and naval forces and the loss of the port of Weihaiwei, the Qing government sued for peace in February 1895.

    The war demonstrated the failure of the Qing dynasty's attempts to modernize its military and fend off threats to its sovereignty, especially when compared with Japan's successful Meiji Restoration. For the first time, regional dominance in East Asia shifted from China to Japan;[5] the prestige of the Qing dynasty, along with the classical tradition in China, suffered a major blow. The humiliating loss of Korea as a tributary state sparked an unprecedented public outcry. Within China, the defeat was a catalyst for a series of political upheavals led by Sun Yat-sen and Kang Youwei, culminating in the 1911 Xinhai Revolution.

    The war is commonly known in China as the War of Jiawu (Chinese: 甲午戰爭; pinyin: Jiǎwǔ Zhànzhēng), referring to the year (1894) as named under the traditional sexagenary system of years. In Japan, it is called the Japan–Qing War (Japanese: 日清戦争, Hepburn: Nisshin sensō). In Korea, where much of the war took place, it is called the Qing–Japan War (Korean: 청일전쟁; Hanja: 淸日戰爭). apan invaded China and Korea, the Qing gov was defeated and signed the [Treaty of Shimonoseki] to cede Taiwan Island to Japan.

    During the Second World War, at the Cairo Conference held in 1943, China asked the transfer of Taiwan's sovereignty back to China after the war. This content was included in the [Cairo Declaration] and later reiterated in the [Potsdam Proclamation] that it should be implemented.On 14 Aug 1945, the Emperor Showa of Japan issued the [End War Edict] , Japan surrendered unconditionally and accepted the [Potsdam Proclamation]. The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Marshal MacArthur ordered the Japanese troops in Taiwan to surrender to KMT General Chiang Kai Shek. Taiwan re-entered the territory of the Republic Of China (ROC).

    Soon after that China civil war broke out between KMT and CCP, the KMT was defeated and fled to Taiwan. However, due to US intervention, the CCP without a strong navy at that time has no ability to unify Taiwan. The CCP then established the People's Republic of China (PRC) on 1949. The civil war continues unabated till this very day,Now China is too smart to us froce (why kill Chinese against Chinese)Fisrt ti be kill is the instigate or and manipulator(US and Japan). In 1971, UN Resolution No. 2758 ruled that the PRC had obtained the representation rights and all legal rights originally owned by the ROC in the UN. That means the PRC is China’s only legal regime under international law, and now PRC is also China’s only legal regime recognized by 193 countries around the world, including the USA. Therefore, according to international law, international reality, and the wishes of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, Taiwan should return to PRC.

    For years, we Taiwan enjoy economically from China miracle rise, for example Taiwan net earned 86.6 billion USD from China at the year 2020 but suffered unprecedented trade deficit with other nation such Japan,USA and other We wish to reunify Taiwan peacefully, but it is reluctant because Taiwan has been manipulated by the US and used as a pawn against China. In fact, the Chinese people wish that the CCP can resolve the Taiwan issue ASAP.

    For those Taiwanese who don't want to be citizens of PRC, we will not force them, they are free to form a new country at another "free place", maybe the US or Europe or Australia, not on China's territory.China response if Taiwan declare independent contrived by USA to systematically provoke to induce China to invade Taiwan,creating international condemnation and the irk of "democratic world at large" from country to country till whole of western world is at the throat of China.same like Russia.You cannot talk or negotiate with Instigator.Action speak louder then words .American only under stand the power of Gun.Yes speak softly and slowly but Missile ,Gun,Hyper-sonic must be pointed at their head and at them in front of their door step .American has never in the last few decade that war happened at this own door step since 911.

    China learn plenty from Ukraine crisis never fight at your doorstep .Fight at their other own doorstep!!You do not fire at Taiwan,you fire at USA,China has 1.4billions people willing to fight while USA only top 1% the "have " out of 300 millions balance 99% "have not"is humiliated with a Dementia President .War start just pulverize whole of Guam (whee Carriers war ship station)American until sane come into their head.Periods

  6. Id pay him to say "Geez Marie"

  7. He's on china's payroll

  8. Zach Studer says:

    His flag patch is backwards. Distress, distress!!!

  9. Rain Snow says:

    Lol developing or have the capability?

    Truth is USA has been having a wet dream for past decade to goto war with China, hence why India is being woed by US to fight their war.

  10. And just like Ukraine we should not be involved in such wars this is between two foreign powers. We should save our money quit sending shit and build our military up too be able too take both of them.

  11. All your offices have been invaded you just can’t see them and it’s your Predator program only they aren’t in the jungle and they aren’t Predators but my helpers

  12. Preventing WW3:
    1. China will invade Taiwan at any cost.
    2. US will defend Taiwan at any cost.
    Solution: We welcome all Taiwanese to the US with their semiconductor industries. China cannot have them. No need WW3 between US and China. Everybody wins.

  13. JJ harry says:

    There is something wrong in US brain that causes US become sick.(美国头脑进了风,变了头风。现在美国有病了。)

    US should go back to put out fire because US people no longer support US president.

    US should stop making confrontation at international or in global stage.

    US should deal with and solve US own country's problems.

    At the same time, US should treat China as a friend for the good of both countries.

    This will be good for the world, the future , America and America people.

  14. China is intelligent and long term plan

  15. Speak about the capabilites to read and steal peoples mind and money insted. The poison, the Covid 19.

  16. Paul says:

    War is about arming its citizens even more so. SO THAT WE CAN FIGHT down to tooth and nail, its not our government disarming us, its other countries like China and Russia that benifit from infringing on Our 2nd admenment rights. They can come here but they wont leave, some of us invite it, come get some.

  17. tiktok nepal says:


  18. No shit 😂 these analysts barely figuring this out??? Man we in trouble

  19. Jorge Meza says:

    Developing ? I can say that as of right now they have capability to invade anything not to mention their exaggerated supply force.

  20. China HAS the capability to invade taiwan.

  21. Taiwan belongs to china.

  22. Phoum says:

    Fake Democratic

  23. Bear Bones says:

    u need troops. America doesn't believe this..failure to there own…good luck usa with ur shortages and ur new Trojan horse idea

  24. Another mess over there to drag in American boys………..

  25. 4 star general compromised af.

  26. he said it! size does matter 1:21 😁

  27. US should have democratised China and former USSR just after WW2. Churchill was correct.

  28. avan anand says:

    Yes they are planning to invade china as You invaded Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Iraq , Vietnam etc. Etc.

    You don't have only rights to invade any country so does china and other super power 🤗

  29. Give up Hawaii if you want china to give up Taiwan

  30. God Frieza says:

    But they’d warn the Chinese side, if they planned on attacking them? 🤡

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  32. John Tan says:

    Of course he would say that. Hes on US army payroll lol wtf do you expect him to say?

  33. GoogleDesk says:

    Haha..We are more concerned Chinas cheapskate and broken stupid weapons might kill their own army in war.

  34. Blue Fish says:

    The title should be , China developed their capabilities to defense themself from the USA.


  36. Dark Matters says:

    Only after Biden lets them walk right into the States. Thats what he was paid to do actually.

  37. TheYacob2 says:

    if China wants to take over Taiwan, China doesn't need to attack Taiwan, just fire nuke head to US

  38. C'est What? says:

    Could? Yes. "…should…?" What? china thinks it's the crouching tiger, but it's the hyena, harassing, while looking to kill weaker targets. Taiwan [with its covert allies] is like a poison frog; making attempts to consume it by the beijing dictatorship unpalatable, with advanced tech + weaponry to destroy beijing's Command and Control elements, plus other key targets.

  39. davegadge1 says:

    If there’s a WW3 I guarantee that America will be involved like it or not, I thank them for some interventions but sometimes they are not needed!

  40. Agaaaain otan looking for excuses to bomb another country! ??????

  41. Naalah 2019 says:

    china go go for American.

  42. Gio Gio says:

    Ya de una vez, para que se acabe de una vez por tod esta charada de EEUU y compañía.


  44. Henry Norman says:

    We support China because it has done what other devolp countries can't do interms of development…unlike neighboring countries as AUSTRALIA China has provided Aid to the people of Solomon islands interms of funding huge projects interms of infrastructure and many more which now as we have seen that it has really changed the picture of Solomon islands 🇸🇧 yet there are some who seen it as it was trying to do some shit!!! there isn't an offense why mock about china they are doing the right thing why can't u do the same rather than sitting and commenting…WE ❤❤❤China yes it is!!! …

  45. Edmi Rck says:

    Lmfao so as of now ,China doesn't have the capability to invade Taiwan (? Lol. Wth. Your an idiot g I Joe . Go home n mind your own business. Dgaf about Taiwan