Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov blasted the struggle in Ukraine, criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and different Kremlin officers whereas calling the struggle “insane.” CNN’s Nic Robertson stories. #CNN #Information


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  1. There are traitorous countries that help Russia, such as Germany, France, Bulgaria, India, China iran Syria, Bashar al-Assad, Iran, all Shiites, Bashar al-Assad, al-Houtin, Shiites of Iraq and Greece secretly helping Russia against Ukraine. As for the sincere countries that help Ukraine, they are Poland, the Baltic states, Turkey and usa canada uk all the world must help Ukraine that s important

  2. 6stroker says:

    Putin 4teilt ihn🐴🐴🐴🐴

  3. Gomes Han says:


  4. One can't get a way back when so many lives lost! Putin needs to be jailed for the rest of his life!

  5. Kenneth says:

    Russian billionaire could have enjoyed his life. Not because of putin that idiot. Now russian billionaire lost money and suffering!

  6. paul sutton says:

    No. Russia must be diminished to the maximum extent.
    It is like squitchgrass in your garden.
    The only thing to be done is to eradicate it completely. Otherwise it grows back.

  7. Mike Curtis says:

    Still tryna give this terrorist an exit ramp? Did I miss something? Oh.. he yt I see now.

  8. Kayla Olson says:

    Omg they can’t vacation on the French rivere how will they live wtf they say
    They are proud to be Russian well they’re so proud make them stay in Russia and see how they like it

  9. Max Kloss says:

    Putin is war criminal

  10. Ovi Okta says:

    COUNTRIES that are members of NATO support the UKRAINE state, which clearly supports the rise of Nazi ideology, it is very shameful and there is no sense of empathy and humanity for the victims of the Holocaust

  11. Jesus Christ is his only off-ramp. He is a criminal and should be executed as one!

  12. Even this guy has blood on his hands due to association. IS he Hell bound???

    I've done video on this as I realised international law means less than the law of nature. That's why we need strong armed forces.

  14. Jinx Krug says:

    He could also disappear or die for saying so.

  15. Jinx Krug says:

    Ukraine will never agree to ending the war by giving any of their country away. every Ukrainian that has been talking to has said as much. Slava Ukraine 💙🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇦💙

  16. h8GWBî says:

    Putin could just give back Ukraine and just have his media lie about it. The Russians who can't or won't travel abroad or don't do non-Russian sources of info are just gonna believe his "glorious victory of liberation," anyways.

  17. AtomicDynamo says:

    Of course this billionaire is going to criticize the war in Ukraine. Because these people are traitors and they made their money illegally in Russia by stealing and deceiving people. Now that the war is playing out these people can no longer function in Russia and steal money. So of course they're angry. But the West doesn't understand how any of this works. So they blindly believe these people.

  18. LØVIT ♪ says:

    Why is noone tricking this madman into thinking he won, then force him down from the throne? What is so fucking hard, the people who are around Putin are fucking madmen all of them

  19. Jean Kroeber says:

    Well, I hope Mr. Tinkov doesn't meet the fate of some of his fellow oligarchs in the last few months. And while he wants us to give a face-saving out for Mr
    Putin, we need a guarantee that he will then be tried in the Hague for war crimes.

  20. They talk so fast like crack heads lol

  21. Q Magic says:

    This Bastard is the next who can say good bye to my little Friends !! loooool

  22. Russia them too wicked

  23. It's the same bastards, while the butchers are still shitting over the fences because they don't have toilets wasting away the millions we in the West paid them. Putin already has accounts for murderers.

  24. Lynn Snow says:

    Insane as it is that the Department of Homeland Security has created a Disinformation Governance Board, it’s utter madness that the woman running it is Nina Jankowicz, who’s a veteran disinfo spreader.

    She embraced and promoted the bogus Clinton-campaign-created Trump-Russia dossier. And she waged war on The Post’s true and accurate reporting of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

  25. Jan Lewis says:

    How can the West give Putin a facesaving way to help him ? Why should he not face up to his gross behaviour and withdraw. He would be praised for admitting he was wrong. That is real bravery.
    Jan Lewis Swansea

  26. Kenneth Roy says:

    Mistter you should have Tryed to stop putin

  27. Kenneth Roy says:

    Some way Putin needs to be brought to just use and his neck to fitted for a Roap 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  28. Who cares …

  29. Holy Rivals says:

    No you don’t provide it. Major mistake.

  30. 6stroker says:

    Reaper is calling Wladimir at his medical operation ☢️

  31. ! Why you don't tell the real story, american nazi sympathizers try to destroy USSR, then they create the plan, financing nazis in ukraine, to provocate Putin, the goal is, Russia attack ukraine, then when is happened the usa nazis fill up the internet fully, with humanitarian bullshit (fake news) during that , all corrupt reporter gonna streaming, "the usa support zelenskiy! But. during this happenings under the news "more weapons to ukraine", the usa nazis send the amount of weapons which is enough for more then a 250.000 soldiers, basically usa build up a giant army right after the Russian border ! But americans have other plans to and they know well, if they start to invest billions, the other nato egoist leader gonna "support" ukraine to, because they gonna want one slice from the cake! Until nowadays it's happened, and americans. plan going smooth, just how they planning! Putin start to threat all of them, specially this really unsympathetic boris johnson, but. what nobody know, everybody gonna fight against Russians, except americans because that was they are plan, the remoted war ! ! And when the first Sarmat gonna hit, UK or germany, or whatever they gonna ask apologize from Putin, and they survive, because that fact, they was who build up the giant army is gonna be covered, because everybody just send some "support" so just congregate ! But. If both Russians UK and Europe bleed out enough, then they come (Americans) and give them a mercy stab and preserve their countries ! ! Or if some of them are still strong enough to defend themself, (Russia) then they're gonna offer to give a mercy stab together to the rest of them and share with their countries ! ! ! etc……. so this is American nazi plan which is, the mirrored copy of hitler plan ! ! ! And everybody ate up! Just watch this video to end ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

  32. Irina Salvi says:

    Tinkov changed his opinion from "Ukraine is a sheet" to "I'm against war in Ukraine!" to save himself))) to not have "accidents" like all other rich Russians who already died). Funny guy) Glory to Ukrainen people💙💛🇺🇦, not to this Russian oligarch, that do everything to survive).

  33. Incognito я says:

    Навальный это сливной бачок Британии

  34. If America resists, Russia will raise the Fed rate to at least 15%. America must obey the rules! In case of insubordination, America will be punished by inflation, stagnation and the destruction of the middle class.

  35. This guy should watch his back because Putin is a "you know what" don't need to be falling out any windows..

  36. isn't this guy dead now?

  37. balsamosnake says:

    Putin told World not to watch this, reason he is weaker than a hydrolic bond.

  38. Noily Pratt says:

    Canadian non-billionaire blasts CNN.

    See how redundant this reporting is? Why do any of you care?

  39. Jamm TV says:

    Democrat protesters are violating the law. It's intimidation and those fucking slut cunt bitches should be locked up!

  40. Bruce Razor says:

    The inflation problem isn’t joe’s fault, the Afghanistan debacle wasn’t joe’s fault, the southern boarder invasion isn’t joe’s fault, the Russian Ukraine war isn’t joe’s fault .The food shortage isn’t joes fault
    I wonder what else isn’t joe’s fault.

  41. Saving Face while u suck #$@%. No Thanks.

  42. Ahmed Monir says:

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  43. 6stroker says:

    FSB the Loser will send you to the Front do the final Shot 🤡

  44. Ivan Ivanov says:

    Американцы, русский народ за вас, сделайте Америку снова великой, перестаньте помогать нацистской Украине!

  45. D C says:

    Allowing putin ANY kind of victory here is absolutely insane thinking …. its exactly because he got away with his bullshit since 2008 , that he thinks he has the power to do what he is doing this very minute .. ie murdering people
    The solution here is the death of putin …period