Russia launched its long-feared, full-scale offensive to take management of Ukraine’s east, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced Monday. Invoice Ritter has an replace.


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Comments 48

  1. First Mariupol depence by drone.

  2. Simon Rajan says:

    Oh my.!You are going to be wiped out.Dont cry when that happens. I thought your media said that that Russia was retreating.

  3. There is no stability in this world, one day we will die, but dying in defense ​​your nation for the next generation is best​ for you and your people .❤❤ And this is your greatest sacrifice. The world will​​ appreciate you​ …

  4. If Russia gains control of Mariupol?
    They have been in control for weeks already

  5. mirola73 says:

    'Surrender, or be eliminated'……(Seeing how the Russians behave I'm quite sure they're going to be eliminated regardless having held out so long frustrating the Russians).

  6. Michael Mx says:

    So full of sh.

  7. Ophirian NFT says:

    How about the offense of U,S in Iraq or medle east

  8. Eddie Muniz says:

    This generation has yet to see the havoc, death and destruction that a nuclear bomb causes!There won’t be less than a minimum of 2.I It’s almost a suicidal gesture that will kill the unborn in the womb!!!!

  9. ^^^^^^ Two years ago, C-19 could have been (and still could be) stopped 100% with safe inexpensive antiviral nasal spray and gargle … no masks, lockdowns or vax needed. EXISTNC

  10. SEARCH : ' What The Media Is Hiding About Ukraine / Russia ? '

  11. jay cruz says:

    Can anybody explain to me how civilians can stay in the middle of a war . I thought there was more than 2 million refugees leaving Ukraine. 😕 . The way these people report the news . 🙄

  12. Ali T says:

    Is NATO or EU membership (i.e., jumping into the West's lap) really worth all the suffering and death for the people of Ukraine? Is becoming another Iraq or Afghanistan an acceptable risk in the endeavor to resist Finlandization? How many innocent civilians (including especially children) have to die until heroism, courage, and martyrdom lose all meaning?

  13. E3kTheCat says:

    Why don't they criticize Ukranian troops stationed in cities? Why are they using civilians as shields?

  14. The world is now standing with Russia and Ukrainian separatists.
    Time for the kiev circus to surrender and hand puppetlenskyy over for war crimes…..hg

  15. Lord helping to Ukraine 🇺🇦🙏people stop war Ukraine and Russia

  16. John Llyod says:

    This is not a good luck for the russians. Never mess with the white boys bro. They will make you pay no matter what it takes. Smh…

  17. 𝗥𝘂𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗮-𝗨𝗸𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗮 𝗕𝗼𝘅 𝗶𝘀 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻

    The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be activated as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine situation. This war just opened an era of wars, small and large, between different peoples.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said that this war could easily become "the biggest war in Europe since 1945", and I agree. If countries with similar backgrounds cannot reach agreement between them, then how much more likely it is that several countries that have big differences and ancient conflicts may easily slip into war for no apparent justifiable reason.

    On a personal level, it saddens me to see how fate turns around and once again we find ourselves at war. I am sorry and restless since I have many students in Russia and Ukraine who are under threat and feel how the deteriorating situation is affecting them and the whole world. In Israel, too, I have many students who follow with concern what is happening in Eastern Europe, anxious about the fate of their family members and friends.

    My hope is that the manifestations of hatred between the Russians and the Ukrainians will stop soon, two peoples who have lived side by side throughout history. If it were still possible, I would give everything I could to silence, calm down, avoid the escalation, but this is impossible for now.

    There is not much that we can do at this stage. We can only long for peace and a ceasefire, talk about all parties showing restraint. The parties in conflict could follow the example of the Native American tribes who buried their hostility in a ceremony during which previously warring tribes agreed to settle their differences and live in harmony, and sealed their agreement by the chief of each tribe burying a war hatchet in the ground.

    Such a scenario does not look realistic under the current circumstances. Thus, above the forces of hostility, above the egoism and control as the driving forces of all the conflicts in the world, we can only raise a global prayer for peace, asking that we all get along with everyone. Because only in the power of connection and in the connection between our hearts, can a great positive force arise, a force that is able to unite all parties, to reconcile the haters, to awaken the truth in us all that we all belong to one soul. As it is written, “He who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us…” (The Book of Job)

  18. Tama lang Yan na Gawin ni Putin

  19. Mat Fudge says:

    Evidence is mounting will the world still sit by and watch as Russia Commit more crimes…

  20. Never surrender..

  21. SNAKEEYES44 says:

    And Joe Biden keep being Dazed and Confused. Thank you Joe for the high gas prices the poor and lower middle class areally hurting

  22. M K says:

    The Czech parliament passed a resolution condemning the Holodomor, the artificial famine created by the "Stalin criminal regime" against the Ukrainian people in 1932 and 1933, as "genocide".
    "Russia's Putin has inherited the worst bloody legacy of the Soviet Union," said a member of parliament.
    The Czech parliament passed another resolution calling the killing of civilians in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities "war crimes under international law."
    According to the resolution, the Czech Republic must join the preparations for the establishment of an international tribunal to try all perpetrators of all the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

  23. Shams Ali says:

    Why not the media and the social media talk about the Veto Power of the United Nations. The West is pretending to promote democracy at any given time. But when UN security council passes a resolution with 99% of the members of UN vote for an action to prevent a hostile action by a nation, one of the five Veto Power nation will veto the decision. Is this some kind of a new Democracy? A good example is USA vetoing every resolution passed by the Security Council on Palestine issue. As a result the Palestinians have been suffering for last 70 plus years.
    It time to take away the Veto Power from the UN. Putin's assault on Ukraine would have never happened with trillions of dollars spent by the Western powers and trillions of dollars distraction suffered by Ukraine not counting thousands of innocent lives lost.

  24. mukhairiq says:

    funny….what are these loser troops(azov) proud of..the world laughs at these loser azov troops who dared to help defenseless civilians, how dare old old soldiers and ukraine civilians be used as shields in real battles face to face russian and chechen troops…… funny nothing to brag about ukraine troops..reality

  25. mukhairiq says:

    The real devil on this earth who is thirsty for human bloodshed is: the leader of France, the leader of the United States, the leader of Canada, the leader of the Vatican, the leader of England.
    Polish leaders, Israeli leaders, Saudi Arab leaders, Iranian leaders, Indian leaders and Singaporean leaders. zelensky and his government officials must be held responsible for suffering their people and destroying such development facilities..reality

  26. Upitn tirando ávida das persoa ius pais com medo Putin é de carne i ossos


  28. Bharat says:

    Brother sorry to say but nato and eu can never jump into the war they can just help by giving supplies
    Because if eu and nato jumped into the war then there are 2 superpower who will also jump into war i.e. India and China
    And if russia, India and China came together then no one can defeat them 🤫
    China is the biggest alliance for Russia despite of war . China is speaking with the side of Russia
    Whereas India there was a situation in 1971 when all the countries in the world America , Europe were against India at that time India would had been destroyed but at that time there was only one country who stand with India that was Russia 🇷🇺
    so India will always be with Russia other than that there is a treaty signed between India and Russia that if anyone will attack Russia then India will give his full support and if anyone will attack India then Russia will give his full support

  29. YourPlug says:

    “They will fight to the end” thats real easy to say sitting in your office sipping tea.

  30. Putin . Forever known from here on in as the Baby killer.

  31. C Rafial says:

    They will fight to the end? Well, I am sure that that can and will be arranged.

  32. 2000 mules says:

    Where is gonzalo lira ????

  33. Shaikh Alam says:

    NATO should support Ukraine before its too late … If NATO cant than Ukrane should join hands with Russia .

  34. Why is Zelensky is asking for more useless aid when do many of his people are dying . He has the power to end human suffering. I don't see Russia losing a war on its border. Before it does I don't want to think what it will do to save face.. Every effort must be done to save lives..was Zelensky apart of the diplomatic dialogue between NATO N RUSSIA before the war starts. COULDhe have seen or prevented the tradgedies to follow? As a leader we're his hands tied? How can a non nuclear country win a war against a country with nuclear this stupidity and waste of previous lives…

  35. Triyugo Tri says:

    One blood, one cognate, one language, one motherland, the country wants to be separated from other nations from the West, very sad. People who suffer.😭😤😭😤😫

  36. Devaastatorr says:

    They are starving them out, then they will use that plant for production.

  37. Lord have mercy upon us

  38. Nicky says:

    Has anyone seen that Patrick Lancaster., hanging around with the rusions ,and blaiming everything on Ukraine ,even getting servilians to say it's Ukraine..and apparently this America reporters children live in Russia ,and all these fakes are being shared around the world showing servilians blaiming Ukraine .in maripol .this is not good ,wonder how much he is being paid .very dangerous to spread lies around ,and says the west don't show this , blaiming everything on the west .

  39. Mike Jadulan says:

    Shame on you those soldiers fighting to death but you hiding in bunker dringking wine eat delicious foods using internet sleep well, go outside and fight dont hide stupid skinhead!!👎👎👎👎

  40. Mike Jadulan says:


  41. GoldenAye says:

    "killing civilians" NATO killed 500,000 kids in Iraq, so how come we don't see bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, now the Western media have forgotten that civilians too are fighting in Ukraine, so bodies of civilians 18-60 whom Zelensky has forced to fight, whilst he enjoys himself in Poland

  42. Mse Nangu says:

    Imagine a third world country doing this to them
    Afghanistan or alkeida you will be hearing another story
    Why is it everything major issues is focused to the interrests of the west from gulf war to Vietnam to Libya to Syria to corona and this dislocated mass are the ones being treated like dogs in European soils
    You want to tell men that this aggressor tourists don't travel as they deem fit accross the globe in these crisis and investing globally but their authorities as individuals think like they are immortal till today the figures of the innocent civillians the west have killed accross the globe in not yet clear
    And I swear puttin is innocent on this
    Lets them venture the same anger they ventured on osama bin laden on puttin and they shall experience the wrath of the rest of the world the dude is God send

  43. congthanhng says:

    He is a new Hitler in Ucraine. His name is Zelensky…He wants to bring Nato Military and weapon to kill Russian People ….So he bring the war from Russia Army. He will die from the lack of understanding.

  44. Save of Palestine

  45. J Mikhael says:

    Why the western evil Anglo-Saxone axis is pushing for more blood ??
    Why they want Ukraine empty from ukranians and who is going to settle overthere instead ??

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