Russia has grow to be more and more remoted internationally because the struggle in Ukraine continues, however Belarus, which borders each nations, has been steadfast in its assist.

However that place has sparked an anti-war motion amongst its personal folks, with acts of resistance having sprung up within the former Soviet state.

Jeff Semple experiences on how a rising variety of Belarusians are crossing the border to struggle in Ukraine – however not on the aspect of Vladimir Putin.

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Comments 49

  1. Robert Beck says:

    Now's the time for Belarus to rise up…. Russia is weak they were always weak and plus get rid of this guy who's on his knees all the time…

    Eastern Europe should get together invade Russia and then divvy it up

  2. I hope the belarusian people can get there country back now is your chance when Putin is occupied in Ukraine

  3. rey catral says:

    More questions than answers, do they have their own free thinking? Are they afraid of putin? Or their own leader? Are they humans?or same animals as…..?endless questions

  4. Stop war in ukraein people is samobady.

  5. Mankind's greatest strength is LOVE and WISDOM, not WEAPONS and MILITARY. Because of greed and fear, people do bad things. may putin live with LOVE and WISDOM. Don't let many people die unjustly because of you. Putin knows how to love and protect his family, so do others. UK is a sovereign country, you should respect and be self-respecting, don't let people spit on you. Don't lose your conscience because of ambition, don't turn yourself into a devil. old man, accumulate virtue for yourself and for your family. Remember, when he dies, he will not take anything with him, but he will only bring his sins to hell with him. He will be chopped off, burned with fire, cut off his hands and feet, cut off his tongue, gouged out his eyes, cut out his heart, and boiled him in boiling water. And tens of thousands of dead souls will seek his revenge. That is the life in hell that awaits you. I hope you put an end to this cruel invasion immediately. If you know how to repent, your sins will be reduced in hell…

  6. baby cannis says:

    Whenever the Belarusian leader opens his mouth , it’s like a silent fart 💨 without any scent or sound that dissipates into the wilderness.

  7. MAMASAN says:

    Belarus president is Putin’s puppet.

  8. The winner Ukraine is winner for Belarus dependent country

  9. R says:

    These are families , normal people being butchered by demons.

  10. Please spread it! Nazis in Ukraine, Nazis in Europe, people – escape from the Nazi invasion! ! ! ! !🔱🔱🔱❗ ❗ ❗

    Please spread it! Nazis in Ukraine, Nazis in Europe, people – escape from the Nazi invasion! ! ! ! !🔱🔱🔱❗ ❗ ❗

  11. what’s this? tryin to stir up ‘democracy’ in Belarus?

  12. sweiland75 says:

    If only more Russians had the courage to stand up against Putin and f0rce him out of power.

  13. Russia is no where near as incompetent as the Main Stream puppets make
    them out to be. If you want to see the other side of this conflict you
    need to go to Intel Slava Z on telegraph and Patrick Lancaster who
    films from eastern Ukraine in places like Mariupol. The Azov Brigade
    know they won't be given quarter by the Russians because they are
    literally Nazis and because of all the War Crimes and Atrocities they
    have committed since 2014 against the people of eastern Ukraine. War
    Crimes and Atrocities they are still committing. The residents of
    Mariupol have been given many chances to leave via humanitarian
    corridors but the Azov and Ukrainian forces have refused to let them go.
    The Ukrainian forces are no shining heroes. They have been killing
    Civilians by shelling the Donbass and Luhansk regions since 2014.
    Murdering thousands of civilians and hundreds of children.

  14. Joe alonzo says:

    🙅Criminal Zelensky What about all the Ukrainian civilians you have order to kill just because they speak Russian, the foreign mercenaries are in Ukraine to kill Russian commanders, (every foreign volunteer mercenaries should be kill) ( All armament that enters Ukraine should be destroy immediately) about the MOSKVA warship yes, Ukraine claims of missile strike taken, now is time for Russia to do some real damage.🙍‍♂

  15. Joe alonzo says:

    🙆‍♂Just watching fake Global news, the Russian enemies news, The fraud Joe Biden’ news, The Democrat Party News Network, the All negative against the Russian people news, the corrupt democrat’s legal theft’s news, the electoral fraud cover-up news, the Sodom and Gomorrah way of life news🤦‍♂

  16. What a nonsensical talk, if a President of Belarus is not happy with the War, why did he allowed Putin or Putout's Russia to use his country to carryout series of attack and bombardment of Ukraine? He is talking out of sense, I assume.

  17. multiversus says:

    Good that this guy is next

  18. Johnny Bower says:

    Israel not only refused to sell its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine, but it also blocked the U.S. from sending Iron Dome batteries owned by the U.S. Army to Kyiv. This is not the act of an Ally or Friend of America. Stop all USA military funding to challenge this israel policy

  19. Russia should stop killing the harmless children of Ukraine and face their military counterpart

  20. fcv says:

    These two men putin and lukashenko won't even know where to hide after Ukraine wins and the people rise against them their days are numbered

  21. Start removing the belarussian dictator to send a strong
    Message to putin that he cant hold on to power by deceipts and lies to the world and to the good people of russia for long . The removal of one man would make a better place to the world !

  22. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦
    Freedom for Belarus 🥤 🇱🇻(invert colors)



  25. Beau Maxwell says:

    They look like twin brothers 😅😅😅.

  26. Good Belarus people are the heroic people who know how to defend true and justice. Not supporting evil agression and invasion.

  27. home hm says:

    belarus is protected from fully lockdown ,vaccinated masked , multicultural, BLM democracy 🤣

  28. Alan Carr says:

    Someone tell these two idiots
    It's Adam and eve
    Not Adam and Steve lol
    P. S I'm not hating on same sex relationships (each to there own) ..
    Was just a bit fun at those two is all

  29. From my rotting body flowers will grow and in them is eternity

  30. SoYou Know says:

    Lukashenko is the shame of a nation

  31. Contract says:

    Z stands for Zazis.

  32. dk RaWk says:


  33. Interpol warrant Vladimir putin
    Interpol warrant Dimitry peskov

  34. Howsan says:

    Putin is murdering women and children. Wake up Russians.

  35. Epiphany Institute
    For Consciousness Studies
    Putin's Off-Ramp
    Putin's "Off-Ramp" must lead straight to a jail cell.
    Putin can have Crimea, that's all.
    He must withdraw his military from all other Ukrainian territory, with direct assistance from NATO if need be.
    He must be tried for Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide.
    At a personal level, he must be banned from all international institutions.
    He must be forced to hide in Russia for fear of being arrested and put in jail.
    The sanctions must remain until the Russian people remove him from power.
    Russia must pay reparations to Ukraine.
    No more appeasement or negotiations with Putin.
    Once the war is over, the Eastern Separatist Territories should be given the opportunity to choose their future through a referendum under international supervision.
    Russian people have a place in Europe if they choose it.
    Truth + Justice = Peace
    Much love,
    Bernard Soberg

  36. Stormy Daz says:

    This generation is stupid.

  37. Push-out push-back to lands away. 1/4 of population, alaska, Homefront today. War engineers, make Canada say ay. Landlocked, in a mountainous secluded place. A place, big brother, can come and claim. Landlocked, in a mountainous secluded place. Canada say ay, war engineers. Homefront to day, 1/4 of population, alaska. To lands away, push-back push-out. Continental claims, global local regional unaware. Weeds, videos, cgi, scared. Drinks, illegal things, no heart, no care. Regional global locally unaware. 🙏🏼

  38. Investigate before u sayin Russian massacre.

  39. Sounds to me Belarus needs a regime change. Shouldn't be too hard. Just a process of elimination.If all the countries in the region would join forces, I think they could beat Putin's military , and perhaps dissolve the Kremlin. It is long overdue.

  40. Karen Horton says:

    Communist dictator Trudeau is making Putin look pretty good right now. At least Putin isn’t trying to start a war in his own country!

  41. Gary Skinner says:

    Never trust a president who looks like George Galloway

  42. There probably Russian spy’s

  43. Dennis Q says:

    Global news : As a Belarusian Canadian, I thank you for standing with the people of Belarus who are fed up with dictator Lukashenko. Belarus is definitely part of European family! Slava Belarus & Ukraine !

  44. John Tan says:

    Russian missiles are excellent for destroying Ukraine.💣💥👍🏻

  45. Bluecavemen says:

    haha what a joke. Russia is already winning this war. I dont see this news talk how bad the US is supporting NAZI ( azov) shame on you this is all propaganda

  46. Quite frankly, America could have use that money to remove the student loan debt.

  47. Matt Poole says:

    Better get Putin under control before he drops nukes on Bellarus.